Sofin­vest Oy

Off-the-shelf com­pa­ny

An off-the-shelf com­pa­ny you can start using straight away! 

• The com­pa­ny is regis­te­red in the Fin­nish Tra­de Regis­ter and the basic details are regis­te­red with the Tax Admi­ni­stra­tion
• The com­pa­ny has a busi­ness ID
• The sha­re capi­tal  has been paid
• The com­pa­ny is regis­te­red to tra­de in a wide ran­ge of sec­tors
• The articles of associa­tion have been drawn to be rea­dy to work for most purposes



We pre­pa­re all neces­sa­ry docu­ments for comple­ting the purc­ha­se of the com­pa­ny, and we
can make any neces­sa­ry chan­ges to the Tra­de Regis­ter as soon as the deal has been signed.
Call us to choo­se a sui­table com­pa­ny and to tell us the fol­lowing basic information:

• Buyer’s name, (per­so­nal ID number/business ID), address
• The company’s new address (we also offer a pos­tal address service)
• The name of the new mem­bers of the board of direc­tors, their per­so­nal ID num­bers, home addres­ses and citizenship.

We always have a num­ber of rea­dy, off-the-shelf limi­ted lia­bi­li­ty com­pa­nies reser­ved for our busy clients. We always regis­ter our off-the-shelf com­pa­nies ourselves.