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Com­pa­ny regi­stra­tion service

Expert­ly done, quickly and flawlessly!
• We pre­pa­re all regi­stra­tion documents
• We research the sui­ta­bi­li­ty of the company’s tra­ding name
• We can add the com­pa­ny to the regis­ters you need


Our ser­vice includes:

• Choo­sing the right type of company
• Researc­hing the sui­ta­bi­li­ty of the company’s tra­ding name
• Drawing up the com­pa­ny regi­stra­tion contract
• Drawing up the company’s articles of association
• Deli­ve­ry of the com­pa­ny regi­stra­tion notice and appen­dices to the Tra­de Register
• Noti­fica­tion for the Tax Administration’s register
• Orga­ni­sing accoun­tancy services
• Con­sul­ting for new companies

Com­pa­ny types:

The types of com­pa­ny are: limi­ted lia­bi­li­ty com­pa­ny, sole tra­de, part­ners­hip, limited
part­ners­hip and cooperative.
- Limi­ted lia­bi­li­ty company
The most com­mon form of com­pa­ny type in Fin­land is limi­ted lia­bi­li­ty com­pa­ny. A limi­ted lia­bi­li­ty com­pa­ny is a capi­tal com­pa­ny in which sha­re­hol­ders are res­pon­sible for the company’s obli­ga­tions only to the extent of the inves­ted capi­tal they have made. At least one per­son is requi­red to regis­ter the com­pa­ny, and the mini­mum capi­tal is €2,500.

- Sole trader
The simplest way to start doing busi­ness is to tra­de as a sole tra­der using a regis­te­red tra­ding name. All the deci­sion-making and res­pon­si­bi­li­ty in the busi­ness is yours and star­ting up is fast.

- Part­ners­hip
A part­ners­hip is crea­ted when two or more people agree to regis­ter it by drawing up a part­ners­hip cont­ract. Thus, one part­ner is not enough to set up a part­ners­hip. The part­ners are equal in all part­ners­hip func­tions and are toget­her per­so­nal­ly res­pon­sible for the partnership’s deci­sions and debts.

- Limi­ted partnership
A part­ners­hip which dif­fers from the part­ners­hip desc­ri­bed abo­ve in that in addi­tion to one or more res­pon­sible part­ners, the­re is at least one slee­ping part­ner who does not take part in day-to-day ope­ra­tions. (This is the most sel­dom used type of company.)

If you’re set­ting up a com­pa­ny, con­tact us +358 40 7678791 and we’ll help you do it.

We always have a num­ber of rea­dy, off-the-shelf limi­ted lia­bi­li­ty com­pa­nies reser­ved for our busy clients. We always regis­ter our off-the-shelf com­pa­nies ourselves.