Sofin­vest Oy


Our area of ope­ra­tions is busi­ness ser­vices. We regis­ter and sell com­pa­nies and pro­vi­de address ser­vices to cor­po­ra­te and per­so­nal customers.

For our busy cus­to­mers, we always have a choice of off-the-shelf com­pa­nies to offer. Our off-the-shelf com­pa­nies are limi­ted lia­bi­li­ty com­pa­nies, regis­te­red by Sofin­vest Oy for sales pur­po­ses, and which have not car­ried out any busi­ness activities.

Sofin­vest Oy has a per­mit from the Regio­nal Sta­te Admi­ni­stra­ti­ve Agency to tra­de in off-the-shelf com­pa­nies and offer an address service.

We can take care of your off-the-shelf com­pa­ny needs eit­her in a per­so­nal mee­ting or by post, but if pos­sible, we’d be deligh­ted to see you in per­son, so we can discuss your situa­tion in more detail.

You can con­tact us by cal­ling +358 40 7678791.

You can also lea­ve a request for us to con­tact you using the form on this page. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

We always have a num­ber of rea­dy, off-the-shelf limi­ted lia­bi­li­ty com­pa­nies reser­ved for our busy clients. We always regis­ter our off-the-shelf com­pa­nies ourselves.